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Cisco Free SSD for Cisco ThousandEyes Hosting
Unlock new capabilities with application hosting and a free SSD

Promo Thousand Eyes Free SSD

Cisco ThousandEyes Hosting

Host Cisco ThousandEyes and other advanced apps with the free solid-state drive (SSD) you'll get when you buy eligible switches, and you'll see your network traffic in ways you never have before. We'll give you an SSD when you purchase selected Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series or Cisco Catalyst 9400 Series Switches with a Cisco DNA software Advantage or Premier license.

This promotion is valid through July 31, 2021.

Cisco Promo SSD Hosting

Cisco ThousandEyes Hosting

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Unlock new capabilities with application hosting and a free SSD

Modern switches do more than just forward frames, and nothing has extended their capabilities as much as application hosting. Support faster innovation and even help reduce IT costs with apps that provide network monitoring, security, support Internet of Things (IoT), and more. Run smarter buildings. Expand your storage. You gain hosting flexibility with apps installed in the switch itself, since there's no need for physical servers. And now, you'll get a free SSD when you purchase selected Catalyst 9300 Series and Catalyst 9400 Series Switches with a Cisco DNA Advantage or Premier license. 

Realize immediate value with Cisco ThousandEyes internet and cloud intelligence

One standout hosted application is Cisco ThousandEyes Network Agents, now included with Cisco DNA Advantage and Premier licenses for Catalyst 9300 Series and Catalyst 9400 Series Switches. These network agents probe the network connections from switch to SaaS and everything in between, providing unprecedented end-to-end visibility. SSD hosting expands the variety of Cisco ThousandEyes tests you can run, making it even easier for you to help ensure outstanding digital experiences with software as a service (SaaS), hosted services, and other web-based services. 

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Cisco DNA

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