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Cisco 400G Data Center and Cloud Networking
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Cisco 400G Data Center and Cloud Networking

400G performance today, an 800G future tomorrow. Meet the high-speed, high-performance Nexus portfolio with more bandwidth and more features.

What is 400G?

As data-hungry application capacity demands outpace current high-speed transport abilities, 400 Gigabit Ethernet is a promising and evolving technology that supports an immediate need in fiber optics. All with comparatively low operational expenses (OpEx) and a smaller footprint.

When built for the most demanding environments, 400G delivers high flexibility, customer choice, and a foundation for the cloud networking frontier.

High-density meets high expectations

Drive sustainable practices

Kick-start your sustainability journey with an architecture designed with your net-zero goals in mind.

Redefine data center economics

Realize economies of scale with power optimization, cooling efficiencies, and investment protection

Accelerate new experiences

Pave the way for bandwidth-hungry applications with flexibility across densities, speeds, and optics.

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