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Cisco Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
Boost productivity using a cloud-native platform with analytics and automation built in

Detect and respond to the most complex threats

Empower your security operations (SecOps) team to confidently respond to the most sophisticated threats with better visibility and actionable insights across networks, cloud, endpoints, email, and more.

Reduce complexity and alert-fatigue with a unified view

Security teams are under more pressure than ever to defend an ever-expanding attack surface. The right XDR approach simplifies threat detection and response to increase resilience.

Extensive integrations to detect more

The open and extensible Cisco XDR integrates with the broad Cisco security portfolio and select third-party tools, so customers can detect, investigate, and prioritize better with contextual insights.

Built with security practitioners in mind

Cisco XDR offers out-of-the-box playbooks' automated response actions to shorten the path from detection to response and provides critical intelligence to build resilience against future attacks.

Cisco XDR. Security Operations Simplified.

This video is an overview of the new Cisco XDR extended detection and response solution. With Cisco XDR, your SOC team will detect the most sophisticated threats, act on what truly matters—faster, elevate productivity, and build security resilience.

The Cisco XDR approach

Detect the most sophisticated threats

Gain visibility and take informed action with data-backed intel with a multi-vector, multi-vendor approach optimized for open environments.

Act on what truly matters, faster

Equip your security teams with effective threat prioritization, streamlined investigations, and evidence-backed recommendations.​

Elevate productivity

Cut through the noise and ease the skill shortage with automation capabilities to boost your security resources for optimal value.

Build resilience

Close security gaps and anticipate what's ahead to prepare for future threats. Get stronger every day with continuous improvement.

What Is Extended Detection and Response (XDR)?

Extended detection and response (XDR) delivers visibility into data across networks, clouds, endpoints, and applications while applying analytics and automation to detect, analyse, hunt, and remediate today's and tomorrow's threats.

How does XDR work?

XDR collects and correlates data across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks, enabling visibility and context into advanced threats. Threats can then be analysed, prioritised, hunted, and remediated to prevent data loss and security breaches.

How do I benefit from XDR?

With more visibility and context into threats, events that would have not been addressed before will surface to a higher level of awareness, allowing security teams to quickly focus and eliminate any further impact and reduce the severity and scope of the attack.

Types of detection and response

Endpoint detection and response

Endpoint detection and response (EDR), a predecessor to XDR, improved on the capability of malware detection and remediation over antivirus' simplistic approach to detection. EDR solutions are different from XDR in that they focus on endpoints (laptops, for example) and record system activities and events to help security teams (such as the SOC) gain the visibility needed to uncover incidents that would normally not be detected.


Where EDR improved on malware detection over antivirus capabilities, XDR extends the range of EDR to encompass more deployed security solutions. XDR has a broader capability than EDR. It utilises the latest and current technologies to provide higher visibility and collect and correlate threat information, while employing analytics and automation to help detect today's and future attacks.

Security operations simplified

Go from endless investigation to remediating the highest priority incidents with greater speed, efficiency, and confidence.

Take the attack to the attackers

Unify visibility regardless of vendor or vector

Uncover complex threats deploying tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) across multiple control points to streamline incident response.

Prioritize actions with AI and machine learning

Deliver risk- and impact-based prioritizations with threat correlation to act on what truly matters.

Elevate productivity with automation and guidance

Remediate threats confidently by using automation and guided response to level up the Security Operations Center (SOC) team.

Built for SecOps pros by SecOps pro

Investigate, prioritize, and resolve

Uncover sophisticated attacks and leverage machine learning to prioritize incidents across multiple security controls based on risk score and asset value.

Command every response and action

Streamline incident response by simplifying preparation, detection, analysis, containment, eradication, and recovery, which can involve anything from adding a worknote to implementing an automated response.

Gain visibility into device inventory

Get comprehensive device inventory and contextual awareness to simplify security investigations and identify gaps in coverage, while keeping track of device counts and assessing security posture to stop threats before problems occur.

Simplify the security analyst experience

Effortlessly monitor security incidents, endpoint compromises, mean-time-to-resolution trends, and more in one place with Control Center's preconfigured and customizable dashboards, designed for easy information sharing and tailored to specific roles.

Bring your security stack together with Cisco XDR

Endpoint telemetry and response integrations

Seamlessly integrate popular endpoint detection and response tools to extend security investments.

Cloud and network telemetry and response integrations

Easily connect cloud, network, and firewall security tools to gain insights across your environment.

Email telemetry and response integrations

Effortlessly integrate email and applications data from leading solutions to deliver secure access.

Integrate Cisco security tools to unlock more value

Flexible options for every business

Cisco XDR Essentials

Built by practitioners for practitioners with built-in integrations across the Cisco security portfolio so analysts can detect and respond to the most sophisticated threats.

Cisco XDR Advantage

Includes all features in Essentials plus commercially supported and curated integrations with select third-party tools to rapidly respond to threats regardless of vector or vendor.

Cisco XDR Premier

Offers XDR as a managed service provided by Cisco security experts. Includes security validation through penetration testing and select Cisco Talos Incident Response services.

Gartner Report

Gartner weighs in on why integration matters

Hear from the analyst that coined the term XDR. Gartner recommends that you "increase the importance of integration and automation in purchasing decisions."

Ten ways you can experience XDR today

Explore our top 10 uses cases in our new e-book and get answers to questions such as:

  • Does XDR unify data from your security technologies?
  • What role does analytics play in bringing together insights from across attack vectors?
  • Is your endpoint security doing enough?
  • Is automation the answer?
  • How will you make better security decisions with XDR?

Cisco 10 Ways to Experience XDR

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